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We communicators live to reach audiences. 

That usually means communicating to numerous external audiences across many channels – the public, media, politicians, activists, voters, policy-makers, indigenous peoples, etc.

Digital marketing is the cheapest way to do so unless you do it wrong. Download our FREE guidebook to learn how to do it right.

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But with this free guidebook ...

We know that the fast pace of the digital media landscape can be overwhelming to resource-challenged comms teams.

We also understand the unique challenges faced by public relations practitioners.

Whether you're feeling grounded, or you're cruising along nicely, social media has the power to take your organization to new heights, but a lack of planning can bring you back down to earth fast.

Preparing for digital marketing is like planning a flight

That's why we call our guidebook "The Flight Manual"

Communicatto digital marketing

This manual has been designed specifically with communicators in mind and will guide you through the development of a social media plan tailored to support your organization's goals and objectives.

What's in The Flight Manual?

Communicatto digital marketing

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We have helped a lot of organizations with online marketing in the past decade. From planning strategies to blogging, workshops to web-writing, search engine optimization to ad campaigns, we have done it all.

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