Social media management FAQ – watch this before you get social

Social media management FAQ – watch this before you get social

This post is part of our ‘FAQ’ series – a closer look at the frequently asked questions of digital media.

Now’s the time to develop a social media strategy. Between building brand recognition, improving your SEO and connecting with your target audience, you really can’t afford to not be on social media.

As platforms like Twitter and Facebook constantly evolve, it can be hard for companies new to social media to catch up. From learning the basics of community management to avoiding PR disasters, the risks involved might seem too great for some businesses to handle.

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In order to help you get through these grey areas, we’ve rounded up frequently asked questions (FAQ) and compiled the answers in our social media management video below. Get ready – it’s time to tweet like you’ve never tweeted before.

Your social media management questions, answered:


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