Why aren’t you paying to promote your content?

02 Jan 2018 Why aren’t you paying to promote your content?

This post is a part of our PESO model blog series – a guide to the basics of paid, earned, social and owned content.

If you work for a B2B organization, paying to promote your digital content might not be an obvious tactic. After all you aren’t necessarily selling a tangible product. However, just because you’re not selling a product or service doesn’t mean you’re not selling something.

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If you work for a B2B organization you might be under the impression that since you’re not selling tangible products, you don’t need to pay to promote your digital content. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly the truth – just because you’re not selling products or services doesn’t mean you’re not selling something.

Social media platforms are burdened by content overload; getting noticed online is far from easy. In order to get your company’s content in front of the right people (a.k.a your target audience), you’ve got to pay to play. Not only is paid content promotion a powerful way to increase exposure and engagement, it’s also flexible, measurable and – most importantly – affordable.

Check out our infographic on why you should budget for paid content promotion in 2018.

5 reasons why you should pay to promote your content:

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Stats used in this post were sourced from Greenwich Associates.

Lindey Sudo
Lindey Sudo

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