Digital Recruiting Best Practices

18 Jan 2018 Digital Recruiting Best Practices

I recently had the pleasure of presenting to the CAODC membership at the Petroleum Club in Calgary. The topic was ‘Digital Recruiting Best Practices.’

In this presentation, I discussed how the recruiting landscape has changed, why you need to focus your efforts online, and how best to use the available digital tools. I even included a four step DIY plan for digital recruiting to help get you started. Check it out below:

If you’re interested in sharing the presentation, we’ve posted it to Slideshare. Feel free to check it out, and share it with all your HR friends!

Robin Eldred
Robin Eldred

Robin is our Director of Advertising here at Communicatto. He's a web guy from way back, having worked on over 300 website projects since the mid-90s. His focus is now all about digital advertising, and helping our clients get the word out. He knows all the Twitters.

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