Our 2018 digital media trends predictions

11 Dec 2017 Our 2018 digital media trends predictions

Here at Communicatto, we’re all about staying ahead of the digital media game. In order to do so, we’ve got to prepare in advance – but that can be easier said than done. You probably know the struggle, especially if you’re working with a small communications team and few resources.

In the name of preparation, we’ve pulled out our crystal ball to get the forecast on 2018 digital media trends. And by crystal ball, we mean 70 years of combined marketing expertise and lots of industry research.

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Check out our video below to discover our predictions – even the smallest marketing teams can use these tips to prepare for a stellar 2018!

2018 digital media trends:



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Stats used in this video sourced from HuffPost, Adweek, Business 2 Community, Entrepreneur, Smart Insights, eMarketer, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, ZDNet and Social Media Today.

Lindey Sudo
Lindey Sudo

Writer and Golden Girls enthusiast Lindey Sudo travels the continent in search of great stories. As a graduate of the Vancouver Film School’s Writing Program, she has spent time brainstorming in writers’ rooms, networking in Los Angeles and captivating audiences on Canada’s Smartest Person in Toronto (as an audience member). Lindey’s all-consuming love for the written word has led to her latest endeavour: content creation. When not glued to her word processor, Lindey enjoys playing guitar, skiing, attempting aerial yoga and Rolling Up The Rim To Win.

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