Beating Boring Business Blog Syndrome

Webinar: Together we can beat BBBS

Does your corporate blog make even you glaze over?

As the saying goes, a camel is a horse designed by committee. All too often corporate blogs suffer the same fate. A blog post that starts out like race-winning Secretariat soon devolves into Joe Camel after legal or the boss has had their way with it. What you are left with is a boring blog.

Thankfully there is a cure for Boring Business Blog Syndrome (BBBS), which we will freely share in our upcoming webinar. It’s our little nod to karma. After all, we’re not a bunch of pharma bros over here at Communicatto.

Beating Boring Business Blog Syndrome
June 12, 2018
10:00 AM MDT/ 12:00 noon EDT

At our June 12 webinar you will learn:

  • Web writing best practices, and how it differs from other forms of writing
  • How to add human interest back into your blog – live humans, not the soylent green you’ve been reading up to now
  • How storytelling and the story arc apply to EVERY form of writing, even corporate blogs
  • Who’s doing it well
  • Who should be quarantined
  • How to get started on the road to recovery
  • How to get the boss and legal to stop infecting all your work

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