Communicatto is a digital marketing, public relations, and investor relations agency helping companies integrate new and old media. If your company is seeking to advance its digital communications, particularly in the area of social media, Communicatto can help. All of Communicatto’s services fall into four basic categories:

Social Media Services

You know your company needs a plan, but you lack the resources. It’s a common scenario, easily remedied with Communicatto’s planning services. Whether you need strategic planning, a business plan, feasibility studies, research, a marketing plan, website improvements, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or social media guidance, Communicatto can help.

Communicatto president Doug Lacombe has entertained audiences across North America and around the world. Your audience could be next! Whether you need a keynote address, a digital marketing panelist, an executive briefing or a corporate trainer, Doug has the experience to educate, provoke and amuse your group.

Need to get the team up to speed on Twitter? Dying to run a blogging boot camp? Wish you knew how to integrate traditional and digital media? Mystified about social media monitoring? All that and more can be resolved by spending quality time with Communicatto! From one-on-one sessions to small group workshops or widespread webinars, Communicatto has extensive experience in adult education and can short-cut your time to market with customized, effective staff training.

Sometimes all you need is a good scribe. Someone to write a press release, or an article, a white paper, or ad copy, a brochure, perhaps a blog post, a profile of your business, or the annual report, or maybe SEO copy to improve your website. After 20 years of media and marketing, Communicatto has ink-stained hands and can produce all of the above and more, on-time, on-budget.

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