communicatto is privileged to work with some of Canada’s largest corporations on social media strategy, campaign development, training, executive presentations, writing, speaking and planning. Here’s a sample of who we’ve worked with, it’s a great list!


Richard Yum, Marketing Manager, CNW Group

“Doug was always a pleasure to work with during my time at CNW Group. His dedication to his work, his staff, and the industry overall has been a source of inspiration to me, as has his personable nature and sense of humour. I highly recommend him for any future endeavour.” October 23, 2008

Steven Mills, Sales Training Manager, CNW Group

“Doug is always prepared, consistently creative and a joy to work with. He continues to lead our Sales Teams in Western Canada as Sales VP with his team oriented and down-to-earth approach. Being a social media guru, Doug successfully introduced a number of new social media initiatives for CNW that have resulted in new areas of growth for the organization. He would make a great fit for any organization.” October 23, 2008

Carolyn McGill-Davidson, President and Chief Executive Officer, CNW Group

“As a sales executive Doug is articulate and highly persuasive. From a general management perspective he is a strong manager with well developed analytical skills and good strategic insight. I appreciate his clear thinking and his willingness to challenge conventional models and assumptions about the business. He is personable and has a great sense of humour.” October 23, 2008

Toby Ward, President, Prescient Digital Media

“Is there a more connected person in the communications industry in Western Canada than Doug? A great VIP to know and work with!” October 23, 2008

Gayle Gossen, Sales Specialist, CNW Group

“I found Doug to be a motivating, encouraging and helpful leader who truly cares about the people on his team. He welcomed me to his group by providing helpful information, smoothing introductions and making everything that I needed available to me. He was able to hire and retain sales people in the frenzied Calgary job market. His sense of humour was much appreciated as well!” October 27, 2008

Parker Mason, Web Content Specialist, CNW Group

“Although I have not worked directly for Doug, we cross paths quite often through the course of business at CNW Group. I think that he is a great leader, very knowledgeable about the communications industry and passionate about seeing his team and clients succeed. I also applaud his forays into the world of social media – he is quick to learn new technologies, and isn’t afraid to try them out. I look forward to working with him more in the future.” October 28, 2008

Malcolm Atherton, Account Executive & New Media Specialist, Business Wire

“Doug and I had a chance to work together while Business Wire was partnered with CNW. Doug was very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable of the corporate communications climate in Canada. I am glad to hear that he has been promoted to VP of Western Canada for CNW as his success in the Calgary office can now be spread to a broader area.” October 28, 2008

Jean-Francois Piche, Executive VP, Maison Brison

“Great guy to work with. Smart professionnal and charistmatic manager that I would hire anytime!” November 1, 2005

Suresh S Anandham, Accounting Manager/Controller, CNW Group Limited

“Doug set the example to other Sales team the milestones and deliverables for achieving the targets. He understands the cost metrics and other delivery issues to improve the customer relations. It was a pleasure working with Doug at CNW.” November 7, 2008

Richard Deklerk, Controller, CNW Group

“Doug is a great visionary and mentor. His customer focused attitude and winning solutions provided CNW Western Region with great leadership along with his team building coaching style. He was a pleasure to work with at all times. but especially when Doug was leading the word rounding project at CNW. Richard Deklerk, B.Comm.,CGA, MBA, CIA, CFSA Controller” May 7, 2009

Darlene Webb, Account Executive, CNW Group Ltd.

“My past experience with Doug Lacombe is two-fold. I watched Doug as a leader and also had the pleasurable of experiencing client meetings on occasion with Doug as well. As a leader, Doug exhibits strength through his calm and inclusive nature. He is someone who inspires his team and leads by example. His friendly, natural personality makes him a pleasure to be around. Take those strengths and add to them in-depth industry knowledge and experience, well that just translates into an asset for those who not only work with Doug, but for his clients who put their well-placed trust in his care. Doug is very intelligent and willing to share that knowledge with his colleagues, team and clients and is always open to new ideas and concepts. These characteristics make Doug a success and great leader. I envy those who have the opportunity to work with him on a daily basis.” November 20, 2008

John Mania, Product Manager – Regulatory Filing, CNW Group Ltd.

“Having worked with Doug for several years, I have gained a keen respect for his insight and ability to proactively manage people well while also inspiring them. Doug has always been available and open to provide practical, relevant insight to ongoing professional challenges. He is a Senior Manager that people are consistently willing to execute projects for as opposed to feeling obligated to.” June 11, 2007

Elisa Schupp, Vice-President, Central Canada, CNW Group

“I’ve enjoyed working with Doug on a number of national projects for CNW Group. Doug has an inate ability to quickly see the root of an issue and then presents the clearest, most common sense solutions. His easy rapport and professionalism has colleagues and clients approaching him as a partner in their strategies.” January 2, 2009

Hamish Knox, Account Executive CNW Group

“Doug is an excellent mentor, who is adept at turning under or low performing sales teams into high performance revenue machines. Doug is a pleasure to work for because he takes interest in his staff beyond their job-specific tasks and always makes time to discuss strategy or tactics. A masterful storyteller, Doug will be a great asset to any organization.” January 18, 2009

Rob Henderson, President, CNW Telbec and VP Eastern Canada, CNW Group

“Doug and I have worked together at CNW Group since he joined to manage our Western Bureaus, and his position is analogous to mine. Doug’s strategic insight and willingess to engage tangential thinking has been an asset not only to his duties in the West but to CNW’s corporate vision as a whole. He has been a great asset to the company and to me personally. Doug’s management instincts are among the best I have ever encountered and he builds teams with enthusiasm, passion and humour – three things I value greatly. Doug continues to be a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any organization.” January 21, 2009

Steve Stojanovski, Manager, CNW Group

“I have personally known Doug Lacombe from 2002 – 2008 as his colleague at CNW Group. Doug has managed the Western offices of CNW Group in various management capacities throughout his tenure with the company. Besides performing well at his assigned position, I found him to be very helpful, organized, forthright, and reliable. He was always willing to give me a helping hand and provide me with professional advice over and above his normal call of duty. Furthermore, he is very friendly and able to fit in with colleagues and co-workers from across the country, creating a positive team environment at CNW Group. I am fully confident in Doug’s abilities and can assure you that he would be an asset to any organization. I fully recommend Doug Lacombe. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.” January 22, 2009

Al White, Sr. Director of Sales, CanWest Digital Media

“Doug has always been a pleasure to work with and has always been very professional in his duties at CNW” January 23, 2009

Annick St-Louis, National Manager, CNW Group

“Doug is one of the most pleasant colleagues I’ve had to work with in my career. His positive attitude and sincere smile reflect his integrity and determination. Although I never reported directly to Doug (and that’s unfortunate!), I know for a fact that he is a real team player and always takes the interests of his team at heart. He is a hard worker and has a perfect balance between getting the job done in an effective manner & having fun while doing it.” January 23, 2009

Laurie Smith, Vice President, Culture and Communications, CNW Group

“I have enjoyed working with Doug, both at CNW Group and at TELUS Mobility. Doug sees the big picture. He is eager to contribute to strategies and improve processes that serve the greater good. He is a skilled listener and has a knack for distilling complex concepts down to their essence and sharing the information in a user-friendly way. Doug is a terrific salesperson, and is the kind of spokesperson that PR people like. His self-deprecating humour and humble, aw-shucks demeanor put everyone at ease, yet Doug is a sharp, perceptive, professional who stays on message and never loses sight of the bottom line. Above all else, Doug is relentlessly curious and is continuously learning new skills.” January 24, 2009

Melanie Kurzuk, Senior Vice President, News and Information Technology Division, CNW Group

“Doug is a results-driven leader. He has a proven track record in strategy, collaboration and business planning at CNW Group. Doug fostered a positive and rewarding environment for his sales team and was influential on several competitive wins in Western Canada. His ability to interpret the impact of the economy, technology trends and changes in regulation within the media and communication services industry made him a key player at the executive table..” February 1, 2009

Alma Abugov, Multimedia Sales Specialist, CNW Group

“I have worked with Doug at CNW Group and reported directly to him for 5 years as a member of the CNW Calgary sales team. Doug is an outstanding mentor and team leader who has the right mix of natural instincts and acquired skills allowing him to work succesfully with employees to bring the best out in them. Working with Doug has consistently been an opportunity for personal and professional growth and development. Doug has excellent listening skills and the ability to recognize when to apply the right measure of participative decision making which created a positive and constructive team spirit. Doug has a great way of creating and building long-lasting client relationships. Any company and its teams would benefit greatly from having Doug as one of their leaders.” February 3, 2009

Sheldon Bailey, Sales Manager, CNW Group Ltd.

“Doug is a tremendous leader! His participative management style engages team members and motivates them to succeed. His experience, knowledge and vision can be an asset to any orgainzation looking for a leader in marketing, communications or sales.” February 3, 2009

Phil Menger, Senior Account Executive, CNW Group

“I will never forget a communications exercise at a sales conference where Doug and I were partnered up. The idea was to communicate non-verbally using only eye contact. The exercise left an indelible impression on me. I immediately felt Doug was someone who I could trust regardless of the situation we found ourselves in. When Doug assumed responsibility for the Vancouver office, on top of his many other duties, I found that trust justified. The communication lines were always open. Despite his heavy workload Doug always had time to listen. Doug embraced new ideas and ways of doing things. At the same time he demonstrated a knowledge and wisdom about how goals could be achieved the most efficiently and effectively. He had a flexibility that invited rather than stifled creativity. Having spent a lifetime in the work force I know this combination is hard to find in a manager and supervisor. Anyone who has the opportunity to work for Doug should count themselves lucky because you will soon learn you are working with him, not beneath him. This attitude exudes from Doug and makes for a refreshing, exciting and dynamic work environment. Having Doug on your team means you are going to not only get some work done and meet some goals but you are also going to have some fun while doing it!” February 9, 2009

Andrew McIntyre, Account Executive, CNW Group

“I’ve worked directly with Doug for 2 years at CNW Group. Doug is the most intelligent, business savvy boss I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I consider him a mentor and friend. Doug’s approach to solving problems, in focusing on suggesting solutions rather than criticizing the current system, will stick with me and influence my approach for the rest of my career. I have zero doubt that his skills in sales, marketing, web & technology, and communications create value and competitive advantage for any organization lucky enough to have him on board.” February 11, 2009

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