Tech Talk: Epson Photo Stylus R2000; Put your best photographic foot forward

April 19, 2014

The change from taking photos on film to digital doesn’t seem like it is all that long ago, but it’s not all that easy to locate a film camera these days, so it’s been a long time since they were in their heyday. I made the switch as soon as digital cameras came out and […]

Tech Talk: Office for the iPad; is it worth the price?

April 11, 2014

  OK, so maybe the headline’s a bit off the mark because, as everyone knows, Office for iPad is FREE from the iTunes App Store. But is it really? Not exactly; you have to have a subscription to Office 365 in order to do anything other than open and read documents in Word, Excel or […]

Tech Talk: LaCie Fuel: add a TON of capacity to your iPad or iPhone

April 5, 2014

Wireless hard drives have been around for a while now, but LaCie’s new Fuel is different than the others. It’s different from a traditional hard drive in that you can access the Fuel via Seagate’s Media App. or your local network. It’s more like a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device than just a typical hard […]

Tech Talk: Protect yourself on the road with the Garmin Dash Cam 20

March 28, 2014

I’ve often thought about getting a dash cam to stick behind my front window to take video of what’s happening in front of my vehicle. Honestly, I’ve never had trouble with anyone boxing me in or slamming on the brakes right in front of me so they could make a bogus insurance claim, but it […]

Tech Talk: SENNHEISER MOMENTUM Over-Ear Headphones offer great sound

March 21, 2014

I’ve tested out and reviewed quite a few different types of on-ear headphones over the years. Some I loved the second I put them on, some, not so much, but I learned one thing for sure – you get what you pay for. I have to say that I am not an audiophile. That is […]

Tech Talk: What’s a Glasshole?

March 14, 2014

After reading two articles about recent incidents involving Google Glass I started really thinking about the whole wearable trend that’s gathering momentum, particularly in North America. One incident involved a woman wearing Google Glass while driving. She got a ticket for wearing the device, fought it in court and won. The second involved a woman […]

Tech Talk: Bose SoundTouch 20; a great addition to the home or office

March 7, 2014

I’ve been testing out the Bose SoundTouch 20 system for a few weeks and I’ve found it to be one of those devices that I don’t want to be without. I’ll reluctantly return it to Bose at the end of the loan period, but reluctant is the operative word. I’ve built up a pretty large […]

Tech Talk: Garmin Nüvi 2597LMT a nice-sized GPS with a lot of uses

February 28, 2014

When I’m on the road, I’ve long used turn-by-turn navigation on my iPhone as a way to get around – especially whenever I’m in cities I’m not familiar with. I don’t just use them in the car, I frequently use them while walking around because I have an annoying tendency to get turned around in […]

Tech Talk: booq Mamba Courier 13 – a terrific bag for a road warrior

February 22, 2014

I travel a fair amount and I always am looking for a better bag to carry my gear. I’ve used a backpack for years, but lately I’ve started carrying a “murse” (never thought I’d admit to that!) in the form of a small courier bag. While I like the bag I use, it’s way too […]

Tech Talk: Wren V5 – gorgeous looks and great sound in one package

February 14, 2014

The folks at Wren Sound Systems have a unique product in their new Wren V5 sound system. The V5 is a very beautifully designed wireless speaker that’s designed to work with Apple’s AirPlay, Android Play-Fi, or Bluetooth devices. Many wireless speakers on the market today are Bluetooth, and while Bluetooth is extremely easy to set […]

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