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We are a little nerdy, super friendly, pretty funny (so we think), and we probably curse more than we should. We are defending our clients from Internet trolls, after all. We aim to be the digital marketing team you always wanted but couldn’t have until now.



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Our Team
Doug Lacombe, President

Doug Lacombe

Our president and founder Doug Lacombe remembers when there was no web. He was at a newspaper, The StarPhoenix, which, for you kids, was the thing before the web. He didn’t realize hand coding the SP’s site in 1995 would eventually lead to the demise of all mainstream media. Oops!


An MBA and a couple of world tours later, plus stints in the telco and newswire industries, make Doug a class A certified Internet nerd and an experienced digital strategist. If you want good corporate digital strategy that syncs with old media, you need Doug and his crew on your team. For the record, he’s still really sorry he broke newspapers.

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Speaker Profile – Doug Lacombe

Kelly Ferrier, Managing Editor
Managing Editor

Kelly Ferrier

Managing editor Kelly Ferrier is a defender of grammar, a human spell-check and a crafter of great content and digital strategies. Her journalism background allows her to put an interviewee at ease or scare the daylights out of them, whatever the occasion calls for.


When she’s not on editorial calls or overseeing our crack team of writers, community managers, and strategists, Kelly’s usually getting worked up at spin class, unwound at yoga, or looking for the next great chickpea recipe. If you want an amazing digital strategy and the content to back it up, you need Kelly and her crew on your team!

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