Social business recap: Most popular stories from the last month

Posted on February 13, 2013

We dug deep into our Google Analytics reports and our click-through reports to determine which social media business stories you liked best in the last 30 days. Here are the results:

Stories we wrote:

  •  The day my iPhone died – I can’t deny that I am overly reliant on my smartphone. And I’ll admit to feeling panicked if it’s out of my sight for long. Technology addiction is a real thing. Last month Dateline NBC filmed a ‘Digital Detox’ special that followed four smartphone addicts as they went tech free for two weeks. And there are resources available to help people survive going unplugged for a while.
  • Are social intranets the digital answer to the employee engagement question? – No matter what your business is, your employees are the foundation of your success. And if their basic need for human connection is met during their interactions on Twitter, Facebook and other popular forms of social media, it would be a mistake not to consider the benefits of social media for employee engagement.
  • Tech talk: Epson’s new WF-3540 multifunction is a winner – Epson’s newest entry in the multifunction market is their WF-3540. The WF stands for WorkForce, and these devices are really meant for a small or home-based business because of the dual paper trays, wireless access, and a duty cycle of 12,000 pages. This multifunction is all about speed, durability, print quality, flexibility and ease of use and is worth having a look at if you’re in the market for a new multifunction.

Stories we read:

  • Six tips for managing an out-of-control social media crisis – One would think, in 2013, anyone who does social media professionally has this whole social web figured out. Particularly when one works for a big brand that has hundreds of thousands of customers who know how to use Facebook and Twitter. But I guess we know what happens when one assumes.
  • Why your business sucks at social media – I shouldn’t have to tell you, since you are smart enough to be on this site, that a business that isn’t utilizing social media is a business that is doomed. The problem is not that businesses aren’t getting on board the bus. The problem is most can’t find a good seat and don’t even know where the bus is going. Forgive me for being forward, but I would like to tell you the 5 things that your business really stinks at when it comes to the new way of marketing.
  • Social media call-to-action: 7 Tactics to improve your results – A social media call-to-action is an image or text that grabs your readers’ attention at a trigger point on a social media platform and focuses it on the next step you want the participant to take. The inclusion of a tailored, contextually relevant call-to-action is often the key difference in being able to attribute social media activity with achieving business objectives. The benefit of using social media calls-to-action is that your content gets the added boost of being endorsed.

That’s it for this week – tune in next week for our weekly best of social business recap.

About Mary Sestoso

Executive Assistant at communicatto. She's currently into content curation, video editing, and social media reporting. In the past, she has experience in the field of customer support for different business industries and online advertising. When she is not busy working, she loves hiking and climbing to get some fresh air and get away from the busy Metro.

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