Tech Talk: You say you want a Revolution? Read this and you will!

Posted on January 11, 2013

This is the most amazing jacket I’ve ever seen. Really. The SCOTTEVEST SeV Revolution jacket I’ve been testing out for the past little while is loaded with no fewer then 26 closable pockets. That’s twenty-six pockets!

This is absolutely the most fun I’ve ever had reviewing a product in over twenty-five years – it’s like hiding your own Easter eggs! I put some gear in pockets and then a few hours later try to remember where the stuff is!

My God, I can carry all my gear and still have pockets left over! It’s a nerd’s dream, although anyone wearing one of these jackets won’t look like any kind of nerd – they’ll look pretty darn sharp.

Don’t misunderstand me on this jacket – I absolutely love it. I can mostly remember where I’ve put stuff and it’s so convenient that it’s actually difficult to go back to a regular jacket.

How do you define a jacket that has 26 pockets, is waterproof with a 100% nylon outer shell with sealed seams, is breathable, converts to a vest, and fits like it was custom made? Amazing is the word that comes to mind, and anyone I’ve shown the jacket to either laughs because it’s so cool, or wants to know where they can get one.

Outwardly, the SCOTTEVEST SeV Revolution looks like any other black nylon jacket. All you see on the outside is two pockets on the chest and four pockets on the sides – just like a lot of the other jackets of this type.

Open the jacket up and start counting pockets and your brain will explode – there are more pockets in this SeV Revolution jacket than I have gadgets to put in them – and that’s saying something.

There are pockets for a full sized iPad, pens, glasses, a loop to hold a water bottle upright, a loop to hold keys, key and change pockets, pockets to put your iPhone or smartphone in that have a clear touch plastic cover that allows you to access the screen without taking it out of the pocket. You’re only really limited by your imagination. There’s SCOTTEVEST’s PAN, or Personal Area Network. This is a series of clips and pockets that are built into the SeV Revolution to unobtrusively run the wires for your headphones – there are even little pockets in the collar to put your earphones in. All the pockets close either by zippers, Velcro, or magnetic clips. I’ve been wearing the jacket for nearly two weeks and I’m continually finding pockets in what can best be described as very intuitive places. If you think it’d be nice to be able to put a pen in your jacket, there are two pockets for pens in appropriate places. If you carry a water bottle, there’s a loop in the right hand pocket that the bottle slides in to keep it upright. It’s like the Apple version of a jacket – instead of “There’s an App for that”, this one is “there’s a pocket for that”’

The SCOTTEVEST SeV Revolution jacket uses their Weight Management System with NoBulge pocket design – this means that you can fill every pocket up and it’ll still be comfortable to wear and outwardly you won’t be able to easily tell it’s loaded. The arms and hood unzip and since there are 26 pockets, it’s simple to stow them in the jacket without bothering anything. They’ve even thought of me because some of the pockets have discreet graphic labels to suggest possible uses so I won’t forget where I’ve put something – a really nice touch.

The SCOTTEVEST SeV Revolution isn’t widely available in Canada – you can get Scott products at Uniglobe Geo Travel, in Edmonton, and United Nations Luggage Ltd. in Winnipeg, or through the SCOTTEVEST website. The SeV Revolution is priced at $175 USD and is worth every single penny.

PROS: 26 pockets – you can virtually eliminate a carry-on back for your gadgets; waterproof, breathable; arms zip off to make a vest; great looking; decently priced; amazing.

CONS: 26 pockets, because once I put all my gear in the jacket I can’t remember where it all is; only comes in black; not widely available in Canada.

TO SUM IT UP:  If you like to take gear with you or even just want a first-rate jacket to wear you should look at the SCOTTEVEST SeV Revolution. It’s easily the most useful jacket I’ve ever seen. It looks great, carries a ton of gear like a champ, protects you and your gear from rain and wind, and converts to a vest in about ten seconds – what jacket could be better?

Murray Hill is lead tech writer at You can reach Murray by email at or on Twitter at @MurrayDHill

About Murray Hill

Murray Hill has been a freelance columnist appearing regularly in some of the most prominent Canadian newspapers since 1974. He began writing about technology over twenty-four years ago and he still maintains the belief that there's a gadget or gizmo for every situation and application. His fascination with technology and gadgets has endured for over fifty years, and has led to many familial discussions about the the difference between the words "need" and "want" when referring to tech. Based in Saskatoon, connect with Murray at: Author's Note: I write a column on a single product, rather than comparing products. I do this because what I write is my personal opinion on a particular product. Sometimes I get something sent to me automatically, but mostly I ask manufacturers for a particular product to review. I usually have these products for a period of a few weeks to a few months, then they are returned. I get to keep some products - usually the ones that would cost more to ship back than they are worth - and most of those items get given away. I do get an honorarium from Communicatto for writing, but get no compensation from manufacturers or the firms representing them - so nobody buys my opinion! I also try to use photos and graphics provided, mostly because I'm a terrible photographer!

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