Social business recap: Most popular stories from the last month

Posted on December 12, 2012

We dug deep into our Google Analytics reports and our click-through reports to determine which social media business stories you liked best in the last 30 days. Here are the results:

Stories we wrote:

  • Search engines can be a real content killer – How can you make sure your target audience is reading your content instead of someone else’s? Make sure it’s effectively search engine optimized (SEO).
  • Top 5 reasons Google hates your website (and why you should care) – Your company has a website. Great. But no one’s visiting it. Not so great. And it gets worse: this lack of traffic is likely a result of your site’s poor performance in Google.
  • Tech talk: Two great new keyboards from Logitech –  An inexpensive, robust, washable keyboard is great for the messy folks who tend to spill drinks, and a portable, backlit Bluetooth keyboard is just the ticket for the road warrior. If you’re in the market for either of these types of keyboards, then take a look at the widely available Logitech K310 and K810.

Stories we read:

  • 5 Twitter mistakes to avoid - Like any tool, there’s a learning curve. Unfortunately, a mistake on Twitter is public and open to criticism at every turn. Many mistakes later, I decided to bring you a list of 5 Twitter mistakes that you can easily avoid.
  • What’s the difference between a social media and social business? – Social media has become an extension of traditional paid media with many companies broadcasting messages — from traditional to innovative. The next step will be much deeper as the leaders recognize that social engagement is an opportunity to redefine the client service experience, be proactive in delivering customer care and differentiate in new ways.
  • How to get people to listen to you on social media – With such excessive jabber in cyber space these days, how can anybody get heard? It’s unlikely your social media posts will enjoy the level of popularity as these public figures, but you certainly don’t need to be a White House resident or have a trendy chili-bowl haircut to make your voice known. It just takes a few key strategies to put your company out there.

That’s it for this week – tune in next week for our weekly best of social business recap.

About Mary Sestoso

Executive Assistant at communicatto. She has over 7 years of customer service, social media and web based experience. She loves doing photography and making small videos. She's always trying to learn about new topics and interests. When not keeping up with the latest news and updates in the world of social media, she spends time with her family and spoils her niece and nephews.

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