Social business recap: Most popular stories from the last month

Posted on November 28, 2012

We dug deep into our Google Analytics reports and our click-through reports to determine which social media business stories you liked best in the last 30 days. Here are the results:

Stories we wrote:

  • I’ll take a side of social media with my dinner, please – Nourishing our bodies is one of our most basic needs. We have to eat – and thanks to digital media, we can have fun doing it. I’ve mentioned before that social media complements our innate need for socialization. Now more than ever, eating is a social activity.
  • HR pros: skip SEO and you’ll lose the talent search – Digital media has changed how people search for jobs. In today’s competitive job market, people are going online to find the jobs they want. They’re looking for job listings on their computers, tablets and smartphones – and their first stop is a search engine.  If you’re looking to fill your job vacancies with industry leaders, make sure your job postings are SEO optimized, or you risk losing top talent to your competitors.
  • Top ten social media annoyances – Social media is fun and useful, but it’s not perfect by any stretch. As a digital marketer it’s my job to see social media for what it is, warts and all. Occasionally those warts get under my skin. Here are ten of my social media pet peeves.

Stories we read:

  • 10 Things you never say to a client – If a prospective client utters these lines, run, don’t walk away from—and avoid dropping these snappy comebacks on them.
  • Social Media: A reality check – It’s the new channel, the new trend and everyone and every brand that doesn’t want to be left behind is jumping right on. Needless to say the hype is gaining momentum and believe it or not, has still not peaked. Like everything that is new, exciting and quickly evolving, there are many misconceptions and myths about the Social Media channel. 5 myths that I would like to dispel.
  • Telling your story: The secrets to content branding – People of all ages are naturally interested when you engage them with an entertaining story.  They listen, they remember, and they ask you to tell them more. Almost every company has a unique story to tell about its history, conception, early customers, and bumps in the road. How can your company use your story to generate more business, explode on the scene with a new offering or launch as the memorable new kid on the block?

That’s it for this week – tune in next week for our weekly best of social business recap.

About Mary Sestoso

Executive Assistant at communicatto. She's currently into content curation, video editing, and social media reporting. In the past, she has experience in the field of customer support for different business industries and online advertising. When she is not busy working, she loves hiking and climbing to get some fresh air and get away from the busy Metro.

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