Digital literacy is the key to productivity & a successful economic future

February 23, 2012

This week we continue our series on the impact of digital literacy on Canada’s economy. Today’s post focuses specifically on digital literacy’s link to productivity – a topic that experts say is imperative to Canada’s economic future in the face of a declining workforce. While there is no doubt that digital technology is playing a […]

Measure twice, cut once good social media rule

February 20, 2012

One way or another it has to be about the bottom line CALGARY, AB, Feb. 15, 2012/ Troy Media – Carpenters have a saying “measure twice, cut once” designed to prevent wasted materials. The same principle applies to social media marketing – get the right measure before “cutting” a campaign and you’ll be a lot more […]

Digital literacy impacts the bottom line: the details are in the data

February 16, 2012

In continuation of our series focusing on the growing relevance of digital literacy to Canada’s economy, today’s post focuses on the importance of strategically understanding market research. Our modern world offers an unprecedented volume of data, but it’s important to go beyond the numbers to realize the power they have to build brand loyalty and […]

Top 5 reasons non-profits must be digitally literate

February 9, 2012

Today we continue our series examining the importance of digital literacy to Canada’s economy. This post is focused on the impact of digital media on the non-profit sector. For insight into this topic, I turned to Bob McInnis, current executive director of Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (@brownbaggingit), a registered charity that delivers daily lunches […]

Six social networks you probably haven’t heard of

February 7, 2012

What may be the most impressive thing about these new apps/networks is how much venture capital pours into these things CALGARY, AB, Feb. 2, 2012/ Troy Media – I do a lot of public speaking all over North America. After almost every engagement someone comes up and asks something like “Have you heard of It’s […]

Digital literacy key to success in Canada’s growing digital economy

February 2, 2012

Today’s post is the first in a series that will be examining the importance of digital literacy to Canada’s economy. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be interviewing key people to get their views on why digital literacy is important for businesses, non-profit organizations and even politics. My first interview was with Justin Kozuch, lead […]

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