You could lose your Facebook fan page

March 31, 2011

Ed. Note: This post originally appeared in my Postmedia News social media column. You may be at risk of losing your Facebook “fan page” (a.k.a. business page a.k.a. official page) and not even know it. The issue hinges on what account administers your page. I have written in this space before how Facebook makes it […]

Tech lexicon leaves average Joe in confusion

March 29, 2011

Ed.Note: This post originally appeared in my Postmedia News social media column. As a writer, I’m a bit of a language nut. A clever turn of phrase, a well-executed verbal thrust, makes my heart soar. My French is passable (I am a Lacombe, after all) and many decades ago I was fluent in Brazilian Portuguese. […]

Employment law still catching up with social media

March 12, 2011

Attendees at my social media seminars often ask how to keep business and personal separate in social media. The older they are, the more likely that question comes up. It’s generational angst on the death of privacy. They seem unaware that privacy is virtually dead already. The only privacy filter you can trust is the […]

Under CRTC ruling, Canada would become a digital backwater

March 6, 2011

This article originally appeared February 21, 2011 on Troy Media. If you’re awake in Canada, chances are Tony Clement and Andrew Coyne are having a bun fight on Twitter right now, whatever your time zone. The venerable federal Industry Minister (@tonyclement_mp on Twitter) has been duking it out on the micro-blogging platform with the national […]

Is social media good for B2B?

March 6, 2011

To B2B or not to B2B, this is the oftasked question. Whether ’tis nobler to silently suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous Facebookers or take arms against a sea of tweets? With all due apologies to the Bard for my misappropriation of his famous prose, a lot of corporate types struggle with this very […]

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