Twitter party digs deep for developing nations

March 27, 2010

What happens when you throw a festival for Twitter users? You get a Twestival of course; one that quenches the thirst of attendees, typically at a local pub, but also slakes the thirst of people in developing nations. This week, like many thousands of people around the world, I went to my first Twestival. Amanda […]

Phishing used as ‘red herring’ by IT department

March 20, 2010

This week I was speaking to a potential client who said their IT department was resisting use of Facebook for marketing purposes (and blocking it via the firewall) because, horror of horrors, there was a phishing scam going around. This snoozy bit of non-news is classic fear-mongering by the IT “wizards in the dungeon,” a […]

Event-stravaganza in Calgary

March 6, 2010

Calgary continues to be an event hot spot March through June 2010 with several amazing speakers coming to town. Here’s a sampling of top notch communications, marketing, and digital events that are on my radar: Internet Marketing Conference (IMC), March 16/17 After many years of international success, IMC is finally coming to Calgary with a […]

Anthem tweak talk ticks off Twitterites

March 6, 2010

The national anthem figured prominently on Google Trends this week thanks to the Harper government’s attempt to slip an edit to O Canada into the speech from the throne. CBC Radio’s Q asked tweeps to comment: @CBCRadioQ “The ‘O Canada’ Debate: Action or Distraction? tell the Q blog: #anthem” Eliza Deary weighed in on […]

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