Black Friday puts Boxing Day to shame

November 28, 2009

Canadians, barely out of our own tryptophan-induced comas, waxed envious for American Thanksgiving on the social web this week. In the words of @onlylucy: “Seriously craving turkey. Damn Americans.” If you believe Wikipedia, soporific stupor due to turkey tryptophan is a myth: “Postprandial Thanksgiving sedation may have more to do with what else is consumed […]

Working the Twitter beat – social media journalism

November 26, 2009

Angela Joyce interviewed me recently about all things journalism. Thankfully she cut out the video and much of my prattling and whittled it down to these few comments on “working the Twitter beat” – here’s the audio:

Independent PR practitioners learn social media strategy

November 23, 2009

Susan Elford and the gang at Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) Calgary asked me recently to present to the “Indy 500”, the independent practitioners’ sub-group of CPRS. The topic was “Social Media Strategy”. While I provided my usual overabundance of blah blah, attendees seemed pleased and asked for the slides to be posted. Here they […]

B2B Digital Best Practices

November 18, 2009

Sandor Kiss of presented on “B2B Digital Best Practices” to my CMA eMarketing class at Mount Royal University about a week ago. I have had the distinct pleasure of watching Sandor present on two occasions. The first was at a Calgary Marketing Club event where, in spite of venue challenges, he engaged the audience […]

Social media across the enterprise

November 15, 2009

The good folks at Valiant Trust recently asked me to write an overview of how social media impacts an entire business. Not just PR or IR, but right across the enterprise. Here’s an excerpt and a link to the full newsletter article: Planning for the whole business There’s a lot of buzz about social media […]

New Moon brings out the weird, wacky

November 15, 2009

This week, the vampire crowd rose from the grave in full force, sanguinely mooning for the next instalment in the Twilight series, New Moon. Hordes of Moon-thirsty teenage girls (judging solely by their lexicon) gushed “OMG” repeatedly, no doubt planning to follow @hollywoodcrush’s advice to mark their calendars for live blogging of the premiere. Speaking […]

Fort Hood tragedy explodes on Twitter

November 8, 2009

It was a sobering start to Trending Topics this week with the massacre at Fort Hood, Texas dominating Twitter. Extensive reporting by @NYTimes provided regular updates on the shooting which killed 13 people and wounded 28 (other estimates vary). The New York Times used the new “lists” feature of Twitter to aggregate news on the […]

Marketers have faith – social media sins can be avoided

November 1, 2009

The landscape of digital marketing is littered with road-kill. Companies who thought they were doing good, clever, creative things, but, like rubes at the ball, were completely unaware of their social media gaffes until it was too late. Digital marketer and social media author Darren Barefoot, principal at Capulet Communications, delighted the sold-out CMA crowd […]

We can only hope ‘This is It’

November 1, 2009

Ferrets, caskets, and Michael Jackson … this week on the social web. Weird news on the social web this week — @rogerdooley shared an MSNBC report from Florida: “Guy arrested for assault with ferret concealed in pants.” No word on whether the ferret will be charged as an accomplice or companion. From the bizarre to […]

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